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Taurus Construction offers each and every client an incomparable construction experience because to our superior customer service and quality. We understand that each project is distinct, and we will treat it as such. In order to tailor our procedure to your vision, we provide planning guidance as well as personalised work.


At Taurus Construction, we strive to provide unrivalled bespoke home framing services in Regina Area. Every one of our projects is completed with quality workmanship, flexibility during the construction phase, and on time. We endeavour to make the construction process as efficient and stress-free as possible while keeping you informed at all times.

Mud Taping​

Taurus Constructon provides drywall mud taping services in Regina. Drywall installation, steel stud framing, drywall taping, insulation, and acoustic ceilings are some of our specialties. We provide a wide range of drywall services for both residential and business customers.

ICF Foundation​

Icfs (insulated concrete forms) are revolutionizing modern construction and changing the way we build structures rapidly. Icf construction is a superior way to build because it is cost effective, sustainable, and environmentally friendly.

Concrete Flat Work​

Our concrete finishers have extensive experience in residential, commercial, and industrial concrete forming, flatwork, and finishing. Complete site work, concrete paving, structural slabs, concrete breaking, and hauling are just a few of the concrete-based construction services we offer.

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